Ten Interesting Wine Superstitions From Around The World

Friday 13th

It’s Friday 13th, and after doing some investigating, we’ve found that even the world of wine is entwined with some weird and wonderful superstitions. We’ve located ten wine superstitions past and present just for your entertainment.

superstitions wine spill


 1. In Italy, if you spill wine, you must dab wine behind your ears! This superstition perhaps has its origins with the Romans who thought that spilling wine was a bad omen.

2. In complete contrast, the Portugese believe that spilling wine on a table brings good fortune and happiness to the household.

3. The last grapes harvested in each season in Germany must be brought in by an ox-drawn cart.  Otherwise the entire season will turn sour.

4. Ancient Egyptian kings and queens were buried with at least 5 jars of wine to bring into the afterlife with them.  This was so they could enjoy themselves in the presence of other royals.

5. In Lithuania, fishermen used to pour wine into the sea as they believed it would calm stormy waters.

6. During Jewish weddings, the groom will step on a wine glass in order to bring happiness to the marriage.

7. In Russia, pouring your own glass of wine is considered bad luck.  Perhaps the perfect excuse for a party then?

8. Some winemakers are particular about the days they begin their harvest, and starting on a Friday, for some, is bad luck.

9. In Argentina, much like a lot of other countries, it is considered unlucky to toast with an empty glass.

10. Superstitions can often be a little strange, but there are some that are also a little grungy! There are winemakers in America who don’t wash their ‘harvest clothes’ from the start of the harvest through to the last press run.


Do You Believe?

Whether you believe in these superstitions or not, it’s clear that wine is accompanied by a whole host of stories and legends throughout history, and these are firmly ingrained within wine folklore.

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