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Our vine rental gifts ( have been this week’s ‘Editor’s Pick’ in The Good Life France (website and magazine). Janine Marsh’s love of champagne led her to our vine rentals at Champagne Fresne Durect and a trip to see Pierre and Daniella.

Buy a French Vineyard for Less than a Bottle of Champagne – by Janine Marsh

‘For my birthday this year my husband asked me what I wanted. Jokingly I told him “a vineyard… not just any old vineyard but a Champagne vineyard”. Well, we’re no millionaires but my dream came true and there was change from 100 Euros. There is you see, a way to have your cake and eat it when you know how, or rather to buy a French vineyard for less than the price of a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

My grapes grow almost in the shadow of Hautvillers, the town where Dom Pérignon lived and created Champagne. It’s in the heart of the Champagne region and from its vines comes the most delicious Champagne. Change from a 100 Euros I can hear you say – you think I’ve gone mad don’t you.

I haven’t. My birthday present was a row of vines in a beautiful vineyard owned by the Fresne-Ducret family, 7th generation (at least) Champagne growers in Epernay. So I don’t own a whole vineyard but I do get a whole row! 3D Wines are a company that came up with a great concept – that you can rent a row of vines in some of the best wine country in France from Champagne to Sancerre, Saint Emilion  and more. It also offers a rare chance for you to get up close to the whole process of wine and Champagne making in a totally unique way.’

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