Feedback from My3DVines' Vineyard Partners (customers)

Absolutely delighted!! Thank you so much.
Mr & Mrs Oldbury – August 2018

Another excellently organised visit, many thanks to Andrew and the rest of 3D staff for arranging such an interesting visit. This was our second trip with 3D in the last 2 years looking forward to next year.
Mr & Mrs Smith – August 2018

Thank you both for organising such a fantastic weekend and especially the visit to Fresne Ducret. Despite being very busy we were made to feel very welcome and time was taken to explain aspects of the harvest and to allow a little tasting. Needless to say we purchased some delicious champagne. Being new to 3D wines we did not know what to expect but the weekend certainly delivered way beyond our expectations. The hotel was lovely, the visits to the food and wine fair, the museum and the drive around the area were very informative and the picnic was a fabulous affair.
Mr & Mrs Couch – August 2018

Both of us and some of the other guests we got chatting too were very apprehensive beforehand that the trip would be full of “wine buffs” but we were all very happy to find this wasn’t the case and we had a great time, great company, great food and of course great wine!
Ms C Goddard – July 2018

Many thanks to 3D for organising such a splendid 3-day event in Loire Valley West and to Andrew in particular for sharing his knowledge and engaging people skills. We were impressed by the commitment and dedication of the growers and the quality of the wines. We had a jolly good time.
Mr & Mrs Good – July 2018

“Pascal is a great character – made us very welcome, and very glad that yet again we had made the effort to visit La Fagotiere rather than just collect our wine from Calais. We feel we have made friends with Valerie and Pascal over the years we have opted for their wines – it is always a great pleasure to visit them and renew our links.”
Mr and Mrs J Hall, Devon – June 2018

“We had a super time visiting vineyard in Fleurie. They were most welcoming and after a very enjoyable tasting we had lunch on the terrace overlooking the vineyards. We will be returning shortly as one of our original party could not make it.”
Mrs G Griffin, France – June 2018

“They were under pressure from their American agent who visited during the same morning but it made no difference to our visit which was carried off with warmth and aplomb. Lovely people – thank you for a very enjoyable and informative time.”
Mr R Jarman, West Sussex – June 2018

“As always we received a warm welcome at Maison Lenique.  Corinne is very knowledgeable about her champagne and we had a superb time tasting ones we had not purchased…and bought some of them too! Pick up was smooth and uncomplicated. Organisation by 3D team also very helpful and efficient. This is always a highlight of our holiday and we look forward to next years trip.”
Dr J. Hanslip, Dundee – May 2018

We arrived as 3D partners and left as friends. Superb wines, and good value for money. Looking forward to the Loire weekend, this will be our third time and all have been different.
Mr & Mrs A Hewling, Cornwall – July 2017

As ever, the wines were wondrous. Such good quality and also value for money. My friends love Gewurtztraminer and knew little of Pinot Gris and Riesling of Alsace. They are now committed converts! As usual, superb organisation.
Mrs S Hopkins, Kent – June 2017

Experience: Brilliant as always!  Wines: Really superb. All very positive – great company who really know their market and products, lovely staff, and really superb wines to suit all tastes.”
Mr & Mrs J Hall, Devon – May 2017

A fantastic visit. Pierre made us very welcome and we learnt a lot about champagne. We had visited Moet the day before and the contrast in his operation with that of Moet was fascinating. A very enjoyable visit. Thank you.
Mr & Mrs M Burden, Devon – May 2017

Warm welcome from team! I was with some relatives and they were also impressed. Looking forward to next year. The champagne is fantastic. As I said to them at the vineyard we regard it as our house champagne!! Thanks for arranging visit.
Dr J Hanslip, Dundee – April 2017

Whenever we contact 3D staff are always so friendly and helpful vignerons so enthusiastic about their lovely wines – proud to have been members for so many years.”
Mr & Mrs Bandham – February 2017

The support in booking vineyard visits is excellent – Debbie is always helpful.”
Dr P Fletcher, Durham – January 2017

The people in the office are very helpful and we get the impression everyone loves wine!”
Mr N Jeffery, Hertfordshire – January 2017

Very helpful people – I always feel I am an important customer whomever I speak too.”
Mr I Ainsworth, London – January 2017

In 20 yrs no problems at all good service – keep up the good work.”
Mr D K Boyd, Kent – January 2017

We have hugely enjoyed our years with 3D. Best birthday present ever! Would & have recommend it to loads of people.
Mr R Jones, Kent – January 2017

Keep up the good work: Excellent quality wines, a unique concept, a source of life-long friendships based on love of wine and where it’s made.
Mr R Thomas, Kent – January 2017

Just wanted to thank you for organising the tasting in London last night, as always I am hugely impressed buy your knowledge and passion for our wines. There was certainly a great selection of wines on offer and I need to get organised to get my hands on my Sancerre as that was just great!  Also looking forward to having some more of the Savigny Les Beaunes as that was exceptional and just to my taste.  I look forward to seeing you next time and hopefully will be able to join you on another tour sometime soon.”
Mr K Milsom, Surrey – November 2016

The whole experience is great, we have been members for a number of years and are getting to know many of the vignerons! Looking forward to trips to the Loire to collect.”
Mr D Harris, Buckinghamshire – October 2016

All excellent. Jean-Michel has a delightfully light touch for such a big bloke! We drank 08 Gevery Chambertin at my daughters recent wedding – delicious.
Mr A Batchelor, York – October 2016

Extremely glad we were made a Riffault customer by chance, many years ago – would not dream of changing. After so many years as a client it is like visiting a friend.
J G Knox, Southampton – September 2016

Super visit with M. Mary, who gave us loads of his time and was very happy to chat and explain his wines. Very tasty wines and excellent value for money. Our sons love it, so we bought some more!
Mr R Winning, London – August 2016

Just a quick note to, once again, say thank you for all your hard work in putting together such a wonderful few days in Burgundy. We had a truly wonderful time … You even managed to organise good weather which, considering what most of France was experiencing, was little short of miraculous … The choice of restaurants was perfect. It was great to have dinner with Vincent and Genevieve on Thursday night. Have to say that the meal at LA Conty was a revelation. Absolutely loved that fish dish and the desert was good, as well … Drinking wine is all very well but it makes a lot more sense when someone takes the time to explain it all. Who knows, I might even get my head around the Burgundian Appellation rules in another couple of years!
Mr & Mrs Muth, Cornwall – July 2016

We had a fantastic time on the Bordeaux weekend. The hotel was excellent and the owners could not do enough for us. I don’t think I shall ever forget the last meal, under the stars and the owner attempting to pour champagne into our glasses whilst riding a bike… Meeting the vignerons at their vineyards confirmed just how passionate they are about their product. Not surprisingly and certainly not unexpectedly was their enthusiasm for 3D wines… It is also worth noting how well everybody in the group got on together.
Mr B Cartwright, Kent – July 2016

As always a delightful morning meeting the Baudets again. They are generous with their time and make you feel very welcome. The wines – continuing excellence. Every year I consider whether to try a different vineyard, but always feel it would be crazy to do without a wine we all enjoy so much. You continue to do a wonderful job. Thankyou.”
Mrs S Hembry, Saffron Walden, Essex – June 2016

We really enjoyed the weekend. We thought the first night was excellent and it was really good to meet the producers. We were very impressed by the visit to the cooper, and learnt a lot. Also, it was nice to stand in a Meursault vineyard with the producer. Saturday was brilliant. We really took to the producer at Domaine Jacob. The dinner  on the Saturday was very well chosen. We really thought we were not going to do that meal justice, but the style was perfect, as was the venue.
Mr J Holt – June 2016

We had a wonderful visit and learnt more than at the tour we took of a major champagne producer in Reims. I love this champagne as do far too many of my friends!!!!”
Miss A West, Berkshire – May 2016

It is not just the excellent wine – it is the great team and friendly service that makes all dealings with 3dwines such a pleasure.”
John Hall, Devon – May 2016

Jean-Luc and Jean-Albert were as warm and welcoming as ever, what a real pleasure it was to see them again and, of course, to enjoy the excellent wine tasting that Jean-Luc always provides. As the ‘grand père’ of 3D Jean-Luc has had many years of practice but the warmth of his welcome, the courtesy that he extends and the enthusiasm for his wines has not diminished one iota. If anything, his excellent command of English, now, makes him better than ever. We will be back! … Very pleased to witness how the range of wines from this vineyard continues to expand and how the techniques of both production and presentation keep developing. The wines are a delight. … Keep doing what you are doing! The 3D Team remains as charming and efficient as ever.”
Mr & Mrs C Davis – May 2016

What a gem this place is [Alsace]. We will go back later in the year after the harvest when we will have more time to do everything we missed on our first visit and stay much longer. My parting memory is seeing the storks floating lazily overhead as we left the village.
Mr D Hambridge, Oxfordshire – April 2016

3D were very helpful and friendly at all stages of the booking process. We had an excellent, very generous visit, they could not have been more welcoming and helpful. The wines are excellent across the board. Great difficulty in deciding which other wines to buy as well…
Mrs D Dixon, Warrington – March 2016

“Although the vendange had just started, the family were most friendly and welcoming and even shared a glass of their wine with us whilst we watched the very first grapes of the harvest arrive for pressing. A wonderful experience shared with the family. Once again, a most enjoyable visit and a chance to experience a part of real French vineyard life with the people who make the wines.”
Mr P Banham, Surrey – October 2015

“As good if not better than all the previous 14 visits! This was our 15th annual visit and as always most enjoyable to catch up with Christine and the Jacob family.”
Mr M Stevens, Bucks – October 2015

“As always we had a truly wonderful welcome, we are always made to feel so welcome. We are never rushed, even when other tasters arrive. Jezebel (not sure of spelling) is brilliant at sharing her love of the job she does. This year we even got all our wine, all 9 cases of it, packed into our car for us by Andre. The trouble with visiting Gruss is that we like all their wines, which are excellent and finish up buying so many extras that we have no space in the car to include other vineyards… continued thanks for your excellent support and continued access to good wines.”
Mrs C Hanby, York – October 2015

“Daniella and Pierre were very welcoming and informative . They went above and beyond considering it was just the two of us and our 8 month old baby.”
Mr J Davers, Hants – October 2015

“We visited 5 vineyards on our trip and this was our favourite. Daniella was brilliant, she explained everything in so much detail with such enthusiasm. We felt like we really learnt so much and enjoyed the whole tour. We asked lots and lots of questions which she answered in detail and was a really welcoming and friendly host. She wrote down directions and suggested a place to go after our visit which we did and had a fabulous time, we would not have had any idea about it if she had not done this. We bought two champagnes from Fresne Ducret, although all that we tried were wonderful. While tasting it was interesting to hear Daniellas serving suggestions and about when to drink the different champagnes.”
Mr K Weston, N Yorks – July 2015

I just wanted to thank you for organising such a wonderful event around the vineyards of the Loire.  As you know ,my last trip with 3D was to the Sancerre Foire Au Vins and Pierre Riffault’s “picnic” some 15 years ago and it is nice to be back in the fold!  … Apart from all of the excellent wines and food, I thought our winemakers showed great passion and knowledge that they were clearly proud to share and it made for a very educational, as well as gastronomic, trip.  I think a highlight I will not forget is the lovely Steph at Chevalerie in Bourgeuil taking us all the way back through each year of her Busardieres to 2002. Thanks also go to Debbie for her company and also all the organisation that makes a trip like that run so smoothly. I look forward to seeing you again soon
Keith Milsom, Surrey – July 2015

“Lovely people – very warm and welcoming as on all previous visits – like visiting old friends! Comprehensive tasting of their superb wines, and very interesting to see how their business is investing for the future. Overall, a really enjoyable and informative visit – well worth the drive from the UK! My wife and I have had enormous pleasure – and greatly broadened our education of vinous matters – since we joined 3D over 10 years ago and started sampling the wide range of superb quality wines on offer. Overall a great organisation with lovely staff who are patient, understanding and knowledgeable!…”
Mr & Mrs J Hall, Devon – June 2015