Riesling | Unique Gift | Rent vines in a top Alsace vineyard
Riesling is the king of white grapes. Our exclusive Riesling vines produce consistently medal-winning wines – including a Trophy. It is crafted by our incredibly talented winemaker, André Gruss.
Unlike many Alsace Rieslings, Partners’ exclusive ‘Les Prélats’ is a lighter, more elegant style with an apple blossom nose and delicious greengage and citrus fruit in the mouth. It has a long, lingering, slatey finish.
  • Wine: Riesling Les Prélats
  • Region: Eguisheim, Alsace
  • Vines: Riesling
  • Domaine: Domaine Gruss
  • Winemaker: André Gruss
  • Guide bottle price: £9.56 (collect price)*

Your allocation: 48 bottles per year – you can order as much as you want (6s/12s), no obligation to buy

Exclusive wine: Yes

Annual vintage release: May

Accommodation nearby: Yes, we can arrange

Medals include:

The vines & wine

Our Riesling vines are situated in a parcel called Les Prélats, close to the pretty village of Eguisheim in Alsace. For many, Riesling is the king of white grapes. It has a distinctive flavour and style like no other grape variety and it is so versatile with a wide range of foods.

André Gruss makes our Les Prélats exclusively for Vineyard Partners, and has won an impressive clutch of medals and Trophies in recent years. Such is the quality and consistency. Unlike many Alsace Rieslings, it is a lighter, more elegant style with an apple blossom nose and delicious greengage and citrus fruit in the mouth. It has a long, lingering, slatey finish.

André and his parents have an old family domaine right in the heart of the ancient village of Eguisheim. It is a startlingly pretty place, with old timber-framed houses, colourful window boxes and ubiquitous storks keeping a watchful eye on events down below from their nest high up on the church spire.

Since André took over from his parents, this young, talented winemaker has become a rising star in the region. He has been described by Alsace expert Tom Stevenson, as ‘one of the most highly thought-of and talented winemakers in Alsace today’.

The region

Alsace is unique amongst French regions due to its location bordering Germany. It is no surprise then that culturally, the Germanic influence is profound. The majority of the population speaks French with a German accent. Many of the towns have German names and the wonderful architecture looks just like something out of Hansel and Gretel. And of course the wines are French with a Germanic twist!

It’s such a beautiful place to visit. Taking a stroll through the cobbled streets of the beautiful villages along the wine route of Alsace, you are reminded that this is a region that has been passed between France and Germany for as long as 2,000 years. It is easy to lose yourself in this breathtakingly beautiful place.

We recommend you take the signposted Route des Vins which meanders the entire length of Alsace wine country. You will see some of the prettiest villages anywhere in the world, Gothic architecture, colourful flowers everywhere, cobbled streets, overhanging gables and splendid, half-timbered houses dating back to the 15th Century.

This region stands apart – its history, its language, its cuisine and of course its wines. A visit is highly recommended.

* Wine prices may vary slightly due to exchange rate differences. If you choose to have your wine shipped to the UK, shipping costs and duty will be added.