International Wine Challenge - The Judging April 2018

Judging the International Wine Challenge

The International Wine Challenge is a competition that celebrates wines from winemakers and vineyards across the globe.  Our very own Andrew Bennett has been a Judge and a Senior Judge at the International Wine Challenge for more than 15 years now! The competition was established in 1984 and is the world’s most influential blind tasting competition.  Andrew takes us through what is involved in this year’s contest…

international wine challenge

Masters of Wine

In a large room at the Kennington Oval, around 100 wine judges made up of Masters of Wine, winemakers, journalists and key tasters make their way through dozens and dozens of wines submitted by producers and retailers from around the world.

The wines are tasted ‘blind’ which doesn’t mean that the tasters are blindfolded (though that would be fun!). It means that each wine we taste is bagged up and tie wrapped. We therefore do not know the producer or how much the wine is worth. We are told what the grape variety is and where it comes from.”

international wine challenge

World Wines and Awards

Medals are awarded to wines which make it through the first week of judging, which is like a qualifying round, if you like. However, there are many wines do not make it through.

Today we tasted around 70 wines from Australia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and the USA. We awarded 4 Gold medals in total and plenty of Silver, Bronze and Commended awards.

More again tomorrow. I hope that wines submitted by 3D’s producers will do well this year. We will have to wait until the 10th of May to find out!

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