How it Works - My 3D Vines

3D Wines is a unique ‘wine club’ which suits wine lovers, food lovers, travel lovers and people who just want to learn more about the wines they are drinking.

Over the last 25 years we have been travelling throughout France, top to bottom, in search of winemakers who we can ‘lease’ vines from and who will produce our own top-quality, exclusive wines. Winemakers who own vineyards with genuine French allure and a fascinating story of history and tradition. Winemakers who want to share their story and passion with you in bottle … and in person.

When you rent a row of vines, your winemaker will cultivate and harvest your grapes, and produce for you a small quantity of high quality wine each year. You will pay less than the cellar door price for your wine, in fact up to 25% less than the normal selling price.

Your 3D Vines year explained

1. Choose your perfect vines:
Browse our selection of award-winning French vineyards. Once you’ve chosen your vines, simply order online.

If this is to be a gift and you’re not sure which vines to choose, then follow these simple steps to find the ideal vines, or if you need more help or advice please contact us, we would be delighted to hear from you.

2. Receive your Welcome Pack and taster bottle of wine from your vines:
You are now a ‘Vineyard Partner’ with 3D Wines and will receive your Welcome Pack providing you with details about your vines, your wine, your vineyard and your winemaker. You can have the option to enjoy a glass or two of your vine’s most recent vintage as you read more about all the exciting things you can do now you are a Partner.

3. Visit your vines and meet your winemaker whenever you like:
If you visit your winemaker you will be made most welcome. You will gain an insight into how your wine is made. We can arrange your vineyard appointment and we can also recommend and make bookings in nearby hotels, chambre d’hôtes and gîtes.

4. Receive your vintage tasting notes and wine option letter:
We will mail you your Options Letter and Vintage Tasting Notes in the spring/early summer. You decide how much wine you would like to order. Your row produces on average 4 cases (48 bottles) – but there is no obligation to buy. As a Vineyard Partner, you will benefit from special prices.

5. Collect your wine from your vineyard, from our collection point in Calais or have it shipped to you at home:
Most Partners enjoy visiting their vineyard to collect their wine in person (and enjoy the savings that can be made in doing so), but it can also be collected from our collection point in Calais, or you can have it delivered to you at home (UK mainland).  If you choose to collect your wine, it will be safely stored at your vineyard or at Calais for a year.

6. Enjoy your wine:
You can enjoy your wine now, or keep it for pleasure in years to come. Your vintage notes will provide you with details about the perfect drinking window for your wine.

7. Renew or transfer your vine rental at a special rate:
If you’ve enjoyed your wines and experience, you can renew your rental at the end of your year at a special rate, or transfer into another vineyard.

Our ethic is to work with small, family-run vineyards that make very small quantities of wine with passion and care. They are wines which taste special – as if they come from somewhere special. They come from, to use the French term, a special ‘terroir’. We have selected some of the very best from our French vineyards and are offering these to you as part of our unique Rent a Row gift.
Andrew Bennett, Co-Owner & Wine Buyer