Rent a row of vines | How it works - from grape to glass

When you rent a row of vines, your winemaker will cultivate and harvest your grapes, and produce for you a small quantity of high quality wine each year. Not only do you save £££ on your wine, you also get the full experience from grape to glass!

What’s more, you’ll enjoy many other delicious, artisanal, award-winning wines at special prices, attend brilliantly run events in France, Tuscany and the UK, benefit from hotel discounts and be looked after by our friendly team. 

1. Pick your vines

Choose your perfect vines/wine (either as a gift or for yourself) and decide if you want to include a taster bottle to make it even more special. The rental can start on a specific date, such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

If you need advice choosing your vines please contact us, we’re always happy to help. Also, should your gift recipient prefer a different vineyard, we would be happy to transfer their rental at no extra cost.

2. Receive your Vine Rental Gift

We will mail your Vine Rental Gift Pack to you. It includes a certificate of rental (for one year), details about your vines, your wine, your vineyard and your winemaker and a map to show the location of your vines. You can also include a bottle of wine from the vines.

A personalised ‘Partner’ ID card and list of benefits will be mailed soon after.

3. Visit your vines and meet your winemaker

You can visit your vines whenever you like. Your winemaker will make you most welcome and offer you a fascinating insight into how your wine is made.

We can arrange your vineyard visits and also recommend and make bookings in nearby hotels – many of which offer exclusive ‘Partner’ discounts.

4. Receive your vintage tasting notes and order form

As soon as the latest vintage release from your vines is available (from February-May), we will write to you with a vintage report and personal tasting notes for your wine.

You will see for yourself the great savings you will make! You will pay up to 25% less than the cellar door price for your wine. All you have to do is decide how much you would like to order. Although there is no obligation to buy, each row produces on average up to 48 bottles. You can take your full allocation or just six bottles.

5. Collect your wine from your vineyard, our collection point or have it shipped to your door

You can visit your vineyard and collect your wine. This will be entirely duty free. If you cannot visit immediately, it will be stored at the vineyard in ideal conditions, free of charge, for up to 12 months.

You can pick up your wine at our collection point near Calais (a useful option if you are in France but unable to visit your vineyard). Again you still save on duty.

OR we can deliver your wine to your door. Duty & transport to mainland UK will be charged at cost.

6. Enjoy your wine

Here’s the best bit … you can now enjoy your wine with friends and family, or keep it for pleasure in years to come. Your vintage notes will provide you with details about the perfect drinking window as well as some great food matching ideas.

What’s more, in your Partners’ newsletter 3DUncorked! you’ll receive an annual vintage chart (showing when your wine is at its best or when it’s time to drink up!), as well as vintage and harvest reports and tips on storing your wine.

7. Renew your vines or choose a different vineyard/wine

If you enjoyed your wine and your experience, you can renew your vines at a very special rate, or transfer the rental into a different vineyard and wine region.

We have 3D Partners who have been with us for many years, some for over twenty! So we must be doing something right.