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These incredible old Gamay vines (vieilles vignes) produce our award-winning Cru Beaujolais Fleurie – which has received Gold Medals and a Trophy at the International Wine Challenge.

Fleurie 250hInfo DESP2VINES: La Madone
Fleurie Vieilles Vignes
VINEYARD: Domaine de la Madone
WINEMAKERS: Arnaud & Jean-Marc Desprès
WINE REGION: Beaujolais
GUIDE BOTTLE PRICE:* £10.29 (based on collect)


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Our exclusive Vieilles Vignes has won many medals at the International Wine Challenge in London, including the Beaujolais Trophy, a Gold Medal and Silver last year

About the vines & wine:

Your Fleurie vines are situated on one of the highest points in the whole of Beaujolais. Capturing every ray of sun, they look down majestically over the other Crus Beaujolais villages. As they are Vieilles Vignes (old vines), these noble Gamay vines have deeper root systems which are able to draw up more water, nutrients and minerals. The bunches of grapes are also smaller which means that the flavours tend to be more concentrated and distinct.

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Your exclusive Fleurie is a joy to swallow, as all good Beaujolais should be. It is one of the most elegant, fragrant and fruity of all the Beaujolais Crus. It has the scent and flavour of summer; fresh vivid flavours of raspberry, strawberry and black cherry mixed with a twist of pepper and spice and wrapped in silky smooth tannins.

Beaujolais Cru, the top of the tree in terms of quality, can come from any one of 10 villages in the region. It can be a heady, fruity and eminently drinkable wine. But Gamay should never be heavy, oaky or alcoholic. It is very much back in fashion again as wine lovers seek lighter styles over brawn.

The winemakers:

The Desprès are an eminently likeable family and it is now young son Arnaud who takes on the winemaking mantle. Year in, year out, Jean-Marc and Arnaud make some of the appellations best, and most awarded wine.

Last year the family opened a bistro restaurant at their domaine, with lovely views over the vine clad hills beyond. A visit is highly recommended, as one can savour a range of their wines with a meal and really appreciate the superb gastronomic qualities of great Cru Beaujolais.

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About the region:

Domaine de la Madone is a leading light in the Beaujolais region and has been making great Fleurie for over five generations. The key to its success is its location. It occupies one of the finest sites in the whole of Beaujolais, high up in the hills, with the little Chapel of the Madonna right next door offering reassurance with every vintage.

Beaujolais is a gorgeous region, full of hills and dales and pretty, sleepy villages. The vines traditionally grow in ‘gobelet’ form, untrellised and free-standing bushes in effect, in sandy clay and granite soils. By law, they must be harvested by hand, not by machine. Thus at harvest time, which is usually mid to late September, the once peaceful hills echo to the sound of laughter and conversation as grape pickers and vignerons go about their work – making this a colourful and joyful scene.

Beaujolais     Beaujolais

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