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Vineyard Domaine Lucien Jacob

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Dessert at Le Pavillon Le Touquet  Franglais Vins 1 Franglais vins 2 Franglais Vins 3 Le Touqet art deco listed market Lobsters at Chez Perard Le Touquet Map opal coast france Marie Gallante Audresselles Mussels Opal Coast Audresselles Opal Coast sea Rue de Lille Boulogne-sur-Mer Serving the soup at Chez Perard Le Touquet Wimereux, Colourful belle epoque villa

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Côte d'Or Burgundy Lighting heaters early in the morning to protect vineyards Photograph Christian Hartmann~Reuters

Fires in the vineyards around St-Emilion Credit Jean-Bernard Nadeau ~Cephas Damage to buds

Credit Thomas Frey~dpa~Alamy Live News The morning after frost in Burgundy Frederic Billet ~ @fredericbillet1 ~ Twitter

Credit Christoph Schmidt~dpa~Alamy Live NewsWind turbines

Domaine Jacob 1 Domaine Jacob 2

Domaine Jacob 3 HelicopterSprinklers Ice protective layerEncasing vines in protective ice - Champagne

Using candles and torches to warm the air – Chablis