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A feast of fine wine, fine food & olives.

The late Autumn sun lingers over the now empty vines, the succulent grapes long since picked are now settling into their new oak homes, awaiting their transformation into one of our stunning Chiantis.   This is a lovely time to visit Tuscany, the heat of the summer has turned to the mellow warmth of Autumn.  The olive trees have not yet yielded their fruit but the harvest is imminent and the resulting oil will be a smooth, peppery sensation, unlike any olive oil you have ever tasted.  We may even have a hand in harvesting the olives.

View of Tuscan landscapeOur Tuscany event takes place amid such trees and vines in the beautiful countryside surrounding Siena. We visit this historic town as well as all three of our winemakers, enjoying delicious Italian fare and sampling the outstanding wines they produce. The winemakers are all from very auspicious families but the welcome is warm and friendly, offering an insight into how their wines are made and the history of the families and the area.

Tasting 3D eventOur base is the Riserva di Fizzano in Castellina in Chianti, which sits atop a hill just north of Siena, once a medieval hamlet with over 1000 years of history, it now belongs to our vineyard, Rocca delle Macie. The apartments are spacious and well equipped and for anyone wishing to ‘linger longer’, you have facilities to cater for yourselves if you wish, although the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food is delicious!

Risserva di FizzanoWe will also have a visit and lunch at Castel di Pugna. Emanuele, who is the son of the owner, Count Luigi Alberto Fumi Cambi Gado, will show us around and conduct a tasting, and his sister Valentina will make us a sumptuous lunch to complement the wines. They also make toiletries with the grape must, and their ancient cellars are an amazing sight!

Castel di PugnaSunday will see us visit Monte Chiaro for a tour and tasting amid the lemon groves with Alessandro Griccioli, the estate has been owned by the family since the 1800’s. After our tasting we have lunch in the delightful sunny garden, you really cannot miss Nona Beppina’s lasagne at lunchtime, simply delicious and a perfect end to our visit.

Tasting at Monte Chiaro

INCLUDES: 3 nights’ accommodation at the Riserva di Fizzano, dinner (with wine) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings; lunch (with wine) on Saturday and Sunday; and coach transport on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

£595 per person
For booking details please email info@3dwines.com


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