Domaine Jacob - Our Latest 3D Wines Vineyard Update

As Spring begins to take hold, we take a look at what has been happening in the Domaine Jacob vineyard.


Whilst we speak to Christine Jacob about the latest news from the Domaine Jacob vineyard, conversation swiftly moves to recent weather conditions.  Whilst we Brits may consider ourselves quite the experts on this subject, Christine assures us that “…winemakers and grape growers are fanatical people, and like all farming folk, are obsessed with the weather.”

When it’s freezing cold during the winter, the vineyard are practically gleeful; snow is their friend and a late showing of daffodils fills them with joy.

domaine jacob vines

And so it is March, the day after the first day of spring, and it’s frosty in the morning, the wind is glacial, but the skies are blue.  The vines are still hibernating from the cold and will take their time to push out the first buds.  This, hopefully, will enable the vineyard to avoid any late frost damage at the end of April, which is a first positive step towards their 2018 crop.


Potential Crop

Domaine Jacob are in the process of finishing the final pruning of the vines, cutting the “baguettes” back to the correct length. Pruning determines the size of the potential crop (within the appellation regulations) and so it’s an important action in the vineyards.

dormant Savigny les Beaune vine

Once the vines are fully pruned, Christine and her husband Jean-Michel Jacob return into the vineyards to tie the baguettes horizontally along the trellising wires. They do this to enable the sap to run easily and equally along the fruit producing branch, and to keep the vines in check for ease of passage throughout the vineyards.

Vines are trailing plants with off shoots that climb and attach themselves to the nearest thing. If left to themselves the result would be a tangle of vegetation impossible to manage and harvest!


The Winery

At the winery they have just bottled two of the vineyard’s white wines, the Bourgogne Aligoté 2017 and the Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune “les larrets blancs” 2017, along with the Bourgogne Rosé 2017. It’s also the time of year when Domaine Jacob’s export clients wake up, and so they are also very busy sending palettes of wine throughout the world!

Christine Domaine Jacob



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