St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Cuvée Carine - Rent A Row Of Vines As A Gift!

Your Cabernet Franc vines thrive in this beautiful area of the Loire Valley. Carine and Didier Rezé use their skills to fashion a perfect, easy drinking red that looks good and tastes good.

cuvée carine wineInfo MABIWINE: St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Cuvée Carine
GRAPE VARIETY:  Cabernet Franc
VINEYARD: La Jarnoterie
WINEMAKER: Didier & Carine Rezé
REGION: Touraine, Loire Valley
GUIDE BOTTLE PRICE:* £7.95 (based on collect)

Gilbert Gaillard Gold MedalLa Jarnoterie is a neat 25 hectare domaine based in the heart of the St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil appellation. It is brilliantly run by the dynamic and engaging Carine Rezé. She is the fifth generation to run the domaine with her husband Didier – a quiet and thoughtful figure who lets his well-made                                                                wines do the talking!


About the vines and the wine:

Your vines are based in one of the most beautiful wine regions of France. Here it’s the red grape Cabernet Franc which thrives in the special limestone rock of the area. This soft limestone rock is called Tuffeau and has been used for making many of the staggeringly beautiful chateaux for which this region is renowned for.

A red wine from this region is instantly recognisable, being amongst the most characterful of all red wines in France. They go so well with food but are gorgeous lightly chilled on a summers day! It is fruity and fragrant with delicious red and black fruits and a real purity of flavour. This elegant wine will go well with grilled salmon or tuna, beef and broccoli stir fry, or Sunday roast lamb.

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About the region:

Often known as the Garden of France, this beautiful historical and cultural region was the playground of the Kings and nobility of France. They were attracted to the area by the lovely climate as well as the abundance of forests for their hunting and fresh produce from the fields and rivers for their many extravagant feasts. There are hundreds of beautiful châteaux scattered throughout the region.  Chenonceau, Chinon, Azay-le-Rideau and Amboise are amongst the finest and well worth visiting. The thrilling combination of warm-hearted people, beautiful countryside and incredibly diverse and stylish wines make this one of France’s greatest treasures of all.

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Our annual visit to the Garden of France takes place each year in July for our Bourgueil & Anjou Experience. It’s a long weekend of great food, beautiful scenery and unforgettable characters that we meet. From the hundreds of spectacular châteaux and amazing troglodyte caves, to the famous gardens and stunning natural beauty, there is little wonder why we return year after year.  Not forgetting, of course, the superb wines from our winemakers.

We stay at the gastronomic Croix Blanche hotel situated beside the historic Fontevraud Abbey. One of the highlights is dining in style with your winemakers in their enormous Caves de Cochamtorille underneath their vineyard. We also visit a number of our other engaging winemakers and enjoy the wonderful array of great food, great wine and beautiful sights that this part of the Loire Valley offers in such abundance.

Loire caves    Château

* Wine prices may vary slightly due to exchange rate differences. If you choose to have your wine shipped to the UK, shipping costs and duty will be added.