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  • International Sauvignon Blanc Day

    International Sauvignon Blanc Day

    Celebrating Sauvignon Blanc In the space of a decade, this ubiquitous grape variety has become very a la mode. It’s not a new variety, on the contrary, it’s the parent of the famous and equally ubiquitous red grape variety  Cabernet […]

  • Earth Day 2018 | 5 questions and answers about biodynamic and organic wine!

    Earth Day 2018 | 5 questions and answers about biodynamic and organic wine!

    The words biodynamic and organic are becoming more prevalent in our day to day language — What once was thought of as ‘over the top’ or ‘eccentric’ is now a desirable certification of brilliant farming! In the words of Bob […]

  • International Wine Challenge 2018

    International Wine Challenge 2018

    Judging the International Wine Challenge The International Wine Challenge is a competition that celebrates wines from winemakers and vineyards across the globe.  Our very own Andrew Bennett has been a Judge and a Senior Judge at the International Wine Challenge for […]

  • Wine Superstitions

    Wine Superstitions

    Friday 13th It’s Friday 13th, and after doing some investigating, we’ve found that even the world of wine is entwined with some weird and wonderful superstitions. We’ve located ten wine superstitions past and present just for your entertainment. Superstitions  1. […]

  • Highlights Of Our Latest Burgundy Releases

    Highlights Of Our Latest Burgundy Releases

    Our New Releases One of the joys and advantages of being a 3D Partner is that you can enjoy an allocation of delicious wine from your chosen vineyards. When the wines are made by our vignerons, we release them in tranches. […]

  • Domaine Jacob Vineyard Update

    Domaine Jacob Vineyard Update

    As Spring begins to take hold, we take a look at what has been happening in the Domaine Jacob vineyard.   Whilst we speak to Christine Jacob about the latest news from the Domaine Jacob vineyard, conversation swiftly moves to […]

  • Champagne Fresne Ducret Vineyard Update

    Champagne Fresne Ducret Vineyard Update

    Blending, Pruning and Exceptional Vintages in Champagne Fresne Ducret Making champagne sounds like a very glamorous job, but we know that at one of our family-run vineyards – Fresne Ducret – winemakers Pierre and Daniella are always hard at work […]

  • Biodynamics: Modern Day Winemaking

    Biodynamics: Modern Day Winemaking

    Biodynamics The words ‘biodynamic’ and ‘organic’ are becoming more prevalent amongst the wines we buy, and the techniques that many vineyards are now adopting are a good fit for the more environmentally or ethically conscious among us.  There is an […]

  • Vineyard update March 2018

    Vineyard update March 2018

    As you can see in the image above, there has been quite a bit of snow in Champagne recently. Our winemakers at Champagne Fresne Ducret enjoyed the blanket of snow by building snowmen with their three children. This is in […]

  • How long should you age your Beaujolais wine?

    How long should you age your Beaujolais wine?

    Growing old gracefully There is a general view that many wines, especially red wines, will get better with age. As many of our wine loving friends out there know, this can be far from the truth. It is true that […]