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  • 3 Wonderful Winter Retreats in France

    3 Wonderful Winter Retreats in France

    Janine Marsh, award-winning author of The Good Life France, recommends three wonderful retreats this winter. When the grape harvest is over and the wind whistles through the vineyards, you might be surprised to know it’s a great time to visit […]

  • Organic Winemaking

    Organic Winemaking

    Going Organic Being organic is becoming an important and everyday part of our lives that it even has a whole month dedicated to it! Almost 10% of all vineyards in France are now working organically. Around a third of our […]

  • Wine Faults

    Wine Faults

    The wine maker spends at least a year, sometimes several years, bringing you a delicious, lovingly made wine that will delight you for years to come. After carefully laying it down in your cellar or cupboard under the stairs, you […]

  • Superior Traditional Hamper Review

    Superior Traditional Hamper Review

    The Superior Traditional Hamper – Taste Test When we told the office that we had a hamper full of luxury goodies to taste and review from The British Hamper Company, suffice to say it generated a lot of interest and […]

  • Hailstorms Devastate French Vineyards

    Hailstorms Devastate French Vineyards

    Extreme Weather update in Bordeaux Recently, Bordeaux was hit by a large and violent hailstorm. On the 26th May two hailstorms hit the city of Bordeaux and moved northwards towards the appellations of Bourg and Blaye. It finished wreaking havoc […]

  • International Wine Challenge 2018 Results

    International Wine Challenge 2018 Results

    Our 2018 IWC Silver winners The judges have deliberated, (and quite frankly tasted an insurmountable quantity of wine) and results are in!  The world’s most influential wine competition, the International Wine Challenge, recently published their 2018 results, and we are […]

  • Monte Chiaro – Interview with a winemaker

    Monte Chiaro – Interview with a winemaker

    The charming and impressive Tuscan vineyard of Monte Chiaro has been run by the Griccioli family since the 1760’s. Since 2005, it has been managed by the equally charismatic Alessandro Griccioli, the winemaker behind our Arteliquida Rosso and Chianti Colli […]

  • International Sauvignon Blanc Day

    International Sauvignon Blanc Day

    Celebrating Sauvignon Blanc In the space of a decade, this ubiquitous grape variety has become very a la mode. It’s not a new variety, on the contrary, it’s the parent of the famous and equally ubiquitous red grape variety  Cabernet […]

  • Earth Day 2018 | 5 questions and answers about biodynamic and organic wine!

    Earth Day 2018 | 5 questions and answers about biodynamic and organic wine!

    The words biodynamic and organic are becoming more prevalent in our day to day language — What once was thought of as ‘over the top’ or ‘eccentric’ is now a desirable certification of brilliant farming! In the words of Bob […]

  • International Wine Challenge 2018

    International Wine Challenge 2018

    Judging the International Wine Challenge The International Wine Challenge is a competition that celebrates wines from winemakers and vineyards across the globe.  Our very own Andrew Bennett has been a Judge and a Senior Judge at the International Wine Challenge for […]