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Off the beaten track, on the right bank of the Gironde, is a great place to find fantastic value Bordeaux. It is here you can rent vines in our Blaye vineyard.

Blaye 250hInfo BAUD

Blaye Grande Réserve Cuvée 3D
REGION: Blaye, Bordeaux
VINES:  Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc
VINEYARD: Château Monconseil-Gazin
WINEMAKER: Jean-Michel Baudet
GUIDE BOTTLE PRICE:* £11.15 (based on collect)


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Our exclusive Blaye has received many medals, including Silvers at the International Wine Challenge, London.

About the vines & wine:

Blaye is a little off the beaten track compared with some of the better known and well-trodden areas of Bordeaux. High up the river Gironde on the right bank, the wines are something of a hidden treasure. It was here that Malbec was first planted before it gained such notoriety in Argentina. Now, with increasingly warm summers, it reaches its apogee and forms an important part of most blends.

Your vines are situated on the slopes beside the 16th-century turreted château – the home for seven generations of the Baudet family. They are angled towards the sun and their position so close to the mighty river Gironde ensures that maximum ripeness is attained.

BAUD 7 295X170   BAUD 6 295X170Winemaker Jean-Michel Baudet, as kind and as affable a person as you could wish to meet, is president of Terra Vitis. Château Monconseil-Gazin became the first property in Blaye to gain Terra Vitis certification. This means that there is complete traceability of their vine growing and oenological practices. Something that in the long-term ensures respect for the environment and bio-diversity as well as a measured improvement in the quality of the wines.

BAUD 4 295X170   BAUD 8 295X170The marriage of noble Merlot, which thrives here, together with Cabernet Sauvignon and the ultra fashionable Malbec are carefully crafted by Jean-Michel to produce wines with a lovely richness and depth and which have the ability to develop a complex, smooth, spicy and hedonistic personality over time.

BAUD 5 295X170   BAUD 3 295X170

About the region:

The attractive region of Blaye on the right bank of the Gironde is going through something of a renaissance just now. With changes to the appellation rules and a host of dedicated and talented winemakers like the Baudet’s spearheading quality, the top wines from this region have never been better.

On the gentle slopes above the village of Plassac, only a stone’s throw away from the famous Gironde River, you will find the stunning 16th-century Château-Monconseil Gazin set amongst woods and hills. It is a wonderfully peaceful spot.

Blaye is an area steeped in history. In the town itself, just ten minutes from the château, the impressive Vauban fort called the Citadel dominates. Its position on the hill overlooking the enormous Gironde estuary was of great strategic importance throughout the 18th Century.

Designed between 1685 and 1689 as a veritable walled city with a total area of 38 hectares,
the Citadel of Blaye was built around a parade ground, a monastery dedicated to the Minims order, and several army barracks. Inside the fortress, there are remarkable buildings and ruins. Its function was to prevent the British from travelling down river. Its cannons were trained permanently on the river, though they were never used in anger.


Our Bordeaux Uncorked event takes place each year early in July. We get under the surface of the largest and most prestigious wine region in the world. Our weekend is designed to give a wonderful insight into the people, the place and naturally, the wonderful wines of this influential region. We base ourselves at the beautiful, charming and turreted Château Pontet d’Eyrans near Blaye. We have a splendid tour and tasting followed by a delicious meal with the Baudet family in their Pre-Revolution salle à manger at Château Monconseil-Gazin in Blaye. We also visit Château Cardinal Villemaurine in St-Émilion and enjoy time in the stunning town itself. We also cross over the mighty River Gironde by ferry for a tour of the myriad of amazing châteaux on the left bank – where some of the world’s most famous and expensive wines are made. After a superb tour and tasting at our Margaux producer Château Mongravey, we dine with the owners at a local restaurant with beautifully crafted food accompanied by many different vintages of Margaux. It’s a weekend brimming with great sights, stylish gastronomy, superb wines and of course, the unforgettable characters that we meet.

Château Pontet d’Eyrans    Karin explaining the Médoc region

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