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3D Wines - Celebrating 25 years3D Wines started out as a hobby over 25 years ago. Friends and family loved the wines we were bringing back from our holidays in France. Each time we visited, we filled our cars to the brim full of wine. Great wines, from small passionate producers, from all corners of France. Some of these corners were well-known classics, others were very much off the beaten track – hidden gems that many had never heard of!

So, we set up a business which really took off when we were featured on the BBC Food & Drink programme in 1999 when Oz Clarke came on one of our grape picking events in the Loire Valley.

We have been championing award-winning French wine ever since. We select our vignerons with great care – we know that the relationship we have with our winemakers is key – they are like members of a big family! The testimony to this is that we have worked with most of our winemakers now for over two decades.

We seek wines that taste very special; full of flavour and personality. The wines are of course important, but so too is the place and the warmth of the welcome. This is the 3D – the three dimensions if you like, of people, place and product.

If you decide to visit your winemaker (and we hope that you do), then you will enjoy a fascinating insight into how your wine is made – where it comes from and why it tastes as it does. It’s great to meet the characters behind the wines too.

The 3D Team

Andrew Bennett
Owner, wine expert, wine adviser, business director 

Debbie Bates
Events manager, partner adviser

Liz Chapman
Operations manager, figures head, partner adviser

Sarah Sardeson
Language expert, partner adviser

Cassandra Brennan
Marketing manager

James Goodacre
Marketing assistant