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A unique wine gift that keeps on giving

Renting a row of vines is no ordinary wine gift. It’s unique and fun and provides year-round enjoyment of drinking the fruits from your very own vineyard.

Over the past 25 years, we have carefully sourced vines that come from a unique parcel of terroir or are a special selection of old vines. Read more

Our vines are situated in award-winning vineyards in classic wine regions including Champagne, Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Tuscany as well as hidden gems like Blaye and St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. 

The wines are carefully blended by your winemaker to reflect its place of origin – so providing real personality, excellent quality, authenticity as well as great value.

Save ££s on your own vintage as well as many other rare and exclusive wines. It’s also a great excuse to visit vineyards in world-famous wine regions and discover how your wine is made.

There are vines and wines to suit all palates. Choose from our selection of vine rental wine gifts. All gifts are personalised and can start from any chosen date.

Fine wine & cheese gift boxes starting from £39

We recently partnered up with a local cheese company Lymn Bank Farm, to put together some elegant gift boxes of fine wines, delicious cheeses and even a chutney or two.

A perfect gift for any fine wine and cheese lover.

A great idea for a wedding, anniversary, retirement or for any other special occasion!

No ordinary wine gift ... year round benefits

✓    Be a ‘Partner’ in a family-run vineyard – from prestigious appellations to hidden gems. 
✓    Enjoy the fruits from your vines – pay less than the typical cellar door price.
✓    Visit your vineyard – meet your winemaker and discover how your wine is made.
✓    Collect your wine from your vineyard – or we can ship it to you at home.
✓    Join our exclusive events – from grape picking, blending to picnics in the vines.
✓    Make the most of our friendly service – we can arrange your vineyard visits.
✓    Use our hotel recommendation & reservation service – offering great discounts.
✓    Try many other wines from 3D’s vineyards – all at special Partner prices.
✓    Receive 3DUncorked! – Partners’ newsletter including vineyard news & vintage reports.

✓   Open a whole new world of wine enjoyment, education and fun!

Joining a vine-share scheme allows wine lovers to rent their own row of vines, visit the vineyard, meet the winemaker and collect the wines in person. The best is run by 3D Wines.


It’s a scheme that any self-respecting wine lover would buy into – the chance to own your own row of vines for a year and follow the process from start to mouth watering finish.


Fancy producing a bottle of your own wine at a dinner party but don’t have the time or money to run a vineyard? Then 3D Wines’ rent-a-row of vines programme could be just the thing you are looking for.


Our most popular vine rental gifts

3D's NEW Wine Subscription!

Let us deliver two delicious, exclusively-sourced wines to you each month with our NEW service Time for Wine. Relax and enjoy your wines with full tasting notes from only £32.

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